Conducted by journalist Janis Ian

The Tiny Mouse has lovely manners, and it was a pleasure to speak with him one hot summer’s day. I had a lot of questions from children around the world, and he was patient and kind as he answered every single one.



It’s good to see you again!


You as well. Would you like some lemonade?

Yes, thank you. I have a lot of questions from children who loved the book about your adventures at sea.

All right!!

First, were you frightened when you discovered the captain was a cat? 

Oh, awfully scared. But as my wise grandma always said, “Laugh in the face of danger, then quickly run away!” So I jumped overboard.

Did you know how to swim?

I do now!!

You’re always so well dressed – where do you get your clothes?

At the Drift Store.

Don’t you mean the “Thrift Store”?

No, the Drift Store. Clothes that have drifted away from their owners end up there.

And what’s your favorite food?

Cheese, of course! though I like a good radish once in a while.

How many children do you have? 

Hard to tell. They come and go so fast. 

Would you like to meet children from other countries?

Yes – I love to travel, as you know. I have relatives all over the world, even in Japan and China.

Who trims your handsome moustache, by the way?

Mrs. Mouse, of course. I don’t let anyone else touch it!

I haven’t met your wife.

Well, she’s pretty busy with the children, you know.

How many children do you have?

Hard to tell. They come and go so fast. And of course, she takes care of my fan club.

You have a fan club?!

Yes. There are four members already!

Who would they be:

Well, myself of course. And my wife. And Dieter and Ingrid Schubert, who draw me.

Wow, what a success you’ve become! Are you very rich now?

(Blushing.) Not really, though we have invested in a cheese farm.

Now, last question – do you exercise, and if so, what do you do?

Oh, yes. Every single day. I ride a unicycle, and juggle.

Thank you very much!

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